in the midst of things

Published July 12, 2009 by crystalights



i can hardly believe that getting a report is harder than actually reading and reviewing it.




i’m currently in the midst of writing my proposal.. and i’m also supposed to look for thngs to use for my other written assgnmnt. so i texted a friend, telling her that i wanna borrow that book that’s previously with her. she replied and said okay. but when i went to her room the book wasn’t there. and she’s not there [ it’s prfectly understandable bcause i knew she wasn’t in in the first place ]. so i texted her again asking where the book is. and she still have yet to reply.

i was like O_o (?)

if it’s not there in the first place then why say ok (?)


and well.

they went to get the report yesterday [ and i didn’t know..] but that’s okay.

i’ll figure out somethng and try again somehow..


no, i’m not upset or anythng.

i jst wanna get back to my assgnmnts but it’s so hard when everythng seems to be missing.


it’s a few hundred pages worth of report. how am i supposed to review it a.s.a.p if i couldn’t even start reading through it right now (?)


ths place kinda sucks.

it’s so hard to get out.


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