sleep and secrets

Published July 12, 2009 by crystalights


it’s late and i’m so sleepy.

it would be nice to sleep in tomorrow, but i have to wake up early [ i promised myslf that i would ].




so what if you’re in a relationship and in love?


when the love falls a little heavy on your shoulder, it’s still almost always the ones who are not in a relationship and not in love who’ll be the ones to save you frm your emotional catastrophe.


so what if you’re keeping evrythng away? [ just like the numbers of times before ]


it’ll be the same story when all else fails.


even though i don’t really feel like finding out what, and who and how in whichever way.


don’t worry.


your secrets will be your secrets.


i don’t like prying open windows and doors which insist on being closed.


so go on then.

your secret’s safe without me.


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