nervous(?) kinda.

Published July 13, 2009 by crystalights




found a few thngs that i think i could use for my written assgnment(!)


anyway, we’re planning to go and look for that report tomorrow [ hope that everythng works out. and that there won’t be any lab session tomorrow afternoon ]. i’ve typed out the letter, we only need the head of program to sign it, make a few phonecalls, and then [ i think ] we’re set to go.


i’m very nervous thinking about tmorrow morning’s class [ because we don’t have that report yet ]. please don’t let us get bashed tomorrow, we just need some time to get it.


once we have it in our hands, it’s only a matter of time before we read through it and actually review it.

so please don’t let us get bashed tomorrow.



on a dfferent note, today i received a brthday present frm a dear, dear friend (!) *is pleased*.

but that is a story that will be told in another place at another time.



so for now,



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