flaming mad.

Published July 14, 2009 by crystalights


i’m so angry i could really butcher somethng.


ysterday was exhausting, i slept late, woke up late, missed my morning meal, is tired. am so damn tired. and in the midst of all that i didn’t even realize that there’s a mistake in the email address for that urgent email i sent ystrday night.

i’m so angry angry angry mad angry pissed right now.

ths is what happens whn people tell you to do urgent things at the very last minute right at the moment where you’ve just had a very long [ hellish ] day.

i’m just too sleep-deprived to realize that it was a mistake.

and now after all of that i’m gonna be more sleep-deprived bcause i had to spend ths morning correcting ystrday’s mistake instead of sleeping in.


owh, and class starts in about two hours. i have to get ready like at least an hour earlier.


i’m so angry i didn’t even sit throughout ths entry.




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