Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin~

Published September 22, 2009 by crystalights


it’s chicken for lunch today and i’m excited!

because hari raya = beef rendang [almost all the time].


what am i up to?

we went to visit some people.. but i have to wait another few days until we can finally really travel and go visit our relatives [bcause of the accomodations thingy (it’s complicated)].


so now.

i have to get a few thngs done before the next few days come, bcause once it comes i don’t think we’ll be able to do anythng else. it’ll be a whirlwind of thngs [and then of course. class starts next monday].*pouts*


owh, and by the way, i hate this.

it feels a bit like my hari raya is being postphoned.

it’s difficult. to do somethng else the first half of the week and then only after that can i go and have my hari raya moment jst travelling, and then immediately after that : returning to campus.


it’s jst dissapointing.


but thngs jst happened and i guess we’ll jst patiently wait until tomorrow or the day after that for thngs to finally resume its course.


so okay.





and to evryone celebrating this festivity,

Selamat Hari Raya~

Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

maafkanlah kalau ape2 yg dtg dari mulut ini dan jari-jemari ini dan hati ini dan mata ini mengundang kelukaan di hati.

semoga dipertemukan kebahagiaan yg dicari.

utk semua.

utk kita.







to evryone.

thank you♣


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