the ugly truth.

Published September 27, 2009 by crystalights




that was.. surprising (?)

if it works for you, then.. have fun (?)


i don’t really think it’s a big deal, it looks more like a popularity game than a blogging domain.

but.. whatever (?). it’s okayy. and some people like that sort of thing, so it’s fine.

i have nothing against it.


but don’t you think that it’ll be better if our lives are not for show (?)

not the little kinds of shows, it’s the huge award-winning kinds of shows.

the one where you become your own newsflash in your own predesigned bulletin.

where it’s an extravaganza production with you as the leading role.

the star of the play.

it’s like broadway, isn’t it?

does that appeal to you?

to have even the tiniest most intimate pieces be put on display – and what more by your own hands.

and your fingertips rule that little realm you’re so accustomed with.

and the crowd cheers aloud while you walk that walk and talk that talk in your own little kingdom on that platform.

this is the life.

do you know what people say (?)

that sometimes your enemy may know you better than your friends (?)

because enemies don’t hold back on the real deal.

they just roar – head on.

they throw at you what we call reality.

the ugly truth that your friends may have kept so well hidden.



a few hours ago i thought that i might have ruined somethng to a possibly unimaginable extent that even the thought of damage control feels a little far-fetched.


but then i got home and figured out that it didn’t happen that way, so i’m soo relieved it’s like indescribable.

moral of the story is that : anythng can happen. to anyone.

and maybe.. no amount of preparation and precaution could be enough to prepare you and caution you frm what’s to come.



yes. i got home (again).

there was a change of plans.. we were supposed to travel to return to campus after the hari raya travelling, but then dad decided to come back home tonight, and leave for our campus tomorrow morning after sunrise [awal gile].


the hari raya travelling was fun.. owh, and my sister and i went for a movie on friday night.

mvie starts at 9.00p.m but we bought the tickets at around 9.06. then ran around looking for theatre 7. and rushed to the 7th floor. finally arrived and sat down – seat nmbr 7 [and 6]. it was crazy. when we finally sat down the movie’s already started, but fortunately we didn’t miss anythng big.

except for well, probably the opening scene.


and it was “the ugly truth”. the kind of movie that would probably be really embarassing for you to watch with your other half [if you get what i mean]. you see, the best way to enjoy a movie is probably one where you don’t even know what the story is about – buy tickets on the spot, and rush in. i didn’t know that it’s that kind of movie. haha. but not that “that” kind of movie. double haha.


go find out yourself.



and i like the love-hate relationship sort of thing.

it’s kinda refreshing.



owh owh

i have to go to sleep.

people are asking.


i’m going like now.



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