something to me.

Published October 7, 2009 by crystalights


i want to sleep.











as if (!)


i don’t just get in bed and sleep.

it takes a little time.


but i think i’m already near my limits..[for now].



you know what.

i think the worst part of today is being unblievably angry but not being able to let it out.

i don’t even know who i’m really angry with.

i jst remember being angry.


at times like these, i do better when i’m not with anyone.

because i can avoid getting people hurt.


so i don’t really like it whn pple ask at that moment, it feels a lot like they’re prying.

i don’t like it when people pry, especially not at that kind of moment.

because it does feel like people who pry are people who doesn’t care deep enough.

they jst want to find out what they want to find out.


when i care about somethng enough for me to actually ask, usually it’s somethng that i really care about.

when i say “take care” or “sleep early” or “have something to eat”, i usually mean it.

often if i don’t care, then i won’t say it. no matter who that person is, no matter what their condition is. if i don’t care, then i don’t care.

but if i do care, then i do care.

i don’t like pretending that i care.

it’s that simple. and that obvious.

because these little things.. shouldn’t it come from the heart?

so why should people pretend(?)



because we’re different, we might not know or undrstand the exact same thngs.

but we can do evrythng within our power to try.


and sometimes, evryone jst needs a little time.


and sometimes, people don’t ask to be figured out.



let them feel what they wanna feel.

they know what they’re feeling.


we don’t always have to have all the answers. and that’s okay.


and for people like us, even the closest to perfection is a long shot. a far cry from where we were and who we are.


but still.

there’s nothng wrong in trying.

trying to be somethng.

trying to reach for somethng.

trying to be the closest we can to perfection.


no, this isn’t a dream.

it does not do to dwell on dreams

and forget how to live


the right to try.

to make an effort.

to work for it.


is what evryone’s bestowed with ever since the beginning of our beginnings.


and so even if this doesn’t give light to you the things that i see and feel, it’s still something. to me.

and when something means a lot to me, i can’t jst be okayy and not feel. anythng.




u know what i think?

i think

u don’t even understand me. and the things that matters the most to me.


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