the way you are

Published October 10, 2009 by crystalights


after that day, i feel like things have changed. for me, that is.

i no longer feel like there is a need to hold back. upon anythng that is thrown my way.



i think i wanna say : i don’t care.

because even though there will always be people who are :

1. reckless,

2. self-centred,

3. egoistical,

4. unethical,

5. moronic,

who always finds the chance to fog up the view through my window,

i will still try my best to:

1. see.

2. not be blind.

3. be purposeful, decisive, and to still have a backbone [unlike some people].


i believe that the way you carry yourself and your attitude towards your responsibilities are not matters to be taken lightly.

because that is part of the things that define who you are.

are you an unprofessional, irrelevant, airhead?

or are you someone who is capable enough to handle and take charge of your own duties?


you choose who you want to be.

you chosed what you have become.

it looks like you’ve made your choice.

and so,

is this what you’ve chosen?


but you still have time.

and i think evryone still have patience.

and though i am relieved to not have to be near you and your self-appointed possé for now, i know that it won’t be long before i have to do so in the future circumstances that is to come [which are sadly, unavoidable].


and so.

i will try my best.

to not let my utmost discomfort and utter dislike to be in the way of my work and duties.


and owh.

you have to know that you’re not the only one with a pressing workload [if you can call what’s-that-you’re-doing a workload].

it’s friday night and i’m still in the middle of editing a report abstract.

tomorrow is saturday, another day in the lab for analysis.

sunday is the full rehearsal.

monday is D-day. our seminar & presentation.

tuesday will probably be dedicated to that new tutorial received today. dateline: wednesday.

and of course. another round of reports for 2 other subjects. 


you see.

we don’t even get paid- for any of that.

and what’s more is that when all this is over, we’re the ones who have to pay them back. 


we have our own 12-20 hours per day, 5day + 2 days schedules & tasks every week.

on top of that, the list just grows on.


so no, i don’t think you’re in that much of a strenuous, torturous schedule, considering your weekly/monthly escapades as well as your vigorous live action social networking.   


all that time in your hands. and yet. so reluctant to let go.


so do wipe that look off frm your face.

because you’re not the victim here.


you have absolutely no right to do what you did to someone else who worked harder than you.


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