it’s tiring. and i’m tired.

Published October 14, 2009 by crystalights


baru lepas copy jdual exam.

my last paper is veryy late.


i can’t really picture myslf taking exams yet, there’s still so much to do.

but the problem is getting myslf to do it.

aftr the whole D-day extravaganza, i don’t feel like working on anythng yet.

it’s jst that i feel like i still haven’t gotten over the shock.

i still have not felt normal yet.


laa..teruk sgt ke?

pesal tibe2 jd pemalas ni.


i don’t know.

i just don’t feel like it.

i felt like i still haven’t got my break yet. even after i slaved myslf off for about a month and 14days. i don’t have my own sweet time to do my own sweet things after all that elaborate thing.


life’s a game but it’s not fair

i break the rules so i don’t care

so i keep doin my own thing

walkin tall against the rain


i’m just.. tired.

i can’t process a lot of things right now.

this looks like the calm before the storm.

i don’t even have a place for my industrial attachment yet.

i’ve been searching and applying since months and months ago. even until ysterday night, i was still submitting my application.

it’s just not that easy.


i don’t have a lot of things.

and i’m trying to cope.

to bend and not break.


so i shall give it a bit of time, though there’s not much time left.


but i don’t think it’s fair when people who aren’t helping are the people who’re putting the pressure. on me.

it’s frustrating.


it’s just.. tiring.


i’m just tired.

i need to breathe again.


so there.

please stop asking.

it’s tiring.


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