the human heart

Published October 20, 2009 by crystalights



when you reach out a hand or lend a shoulder

a piece of yourself could get lost in it.


i don’t tend to your wounds so that i could share my own

i’m not looking for brownie points

i don’t sell cookies for charity

this isn’t community service & participation


i don’t think i do things just to flaunt


i do what i wish to do

what my heart wants me to do

what i feel i should do.


i’m there.

people may not always see me, but i’m just there.


i can take care of myslf.

and sometimes when i have the time i take care of other people too.

i don’t do it because i wanna play hero

i do it because that’s what i feel like doing –

even when it’s difficult, painful, and heart-shattering.


i just feel like doing it.

even if there isn’t anything in return.


i’m not carrying out a business.

i don’t have to count my profits

my return-on-investments

how long before i break-even

how long before i cross the profit margin


if evrythng needs to be calculated and put into numbers

then what is the price of the human heart?


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