in your eyes

Published October 30, 2009 by crystalights


oh dear, my mascara is staining my eyes..


i was anxious about tday, and treated it like it was the ULTIMATE real thing

so i thought about looking more..presentable.

and hence the eye applications.


make-up is soo troublesome [ even if it was just a little dab, here and there ].


today was.. okayy.

it wasn’t entirely nerve-wrecking. turns out that there’s still some stuff to be done.



i need to do jst 1 more thing for that. [but that’s okay, i think].


but now i have to rethink my proposal.

rethinking FYP proposal = more literature review = more reading.

more reading [for FYP proposal] + reading [for exam] = more workload.

more workload = more pressure.

more pressure = breakdown (?)


that could be. possible.



there’s this unconveyed message that i feel frm your manner of speaking.

do i look that bad?

like i am so weak and vulnerable and flawed and incapable.

like this is so unbefitting of me.

like i am so undeserving. of something good.


i may not have read every single book ever written, or went through every single experience of learning, or aced every single challenge unscathed, but really, do i really give-off that dim vibe?


cause if i do then i wonder.


what am i ever capable of, in your eyes (?)



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