a day.

Published November 4, 2009 by crystalights


okay. now i’m OFFICIALLY PISSED.

i finished correcting my proposal.

and whaddaya know.. my pendrive went MISSING.





i’m already frustrated with somethng else this late afternoon.

you know when people really do somethng and really crushed your heart’s inner core – THAT’s how frustrated i was when i heard what i heard tday [and last night].

it’s okay if you don’t wanna do anythng for me.

it’s okay if you don’t give a damn.

it’s okay if you don’t care enough to at least do what you have spoken of. what you’ve unofficially promised.

it’s okay. it’s really okay.

but you should have upped the ante so that i wouldn’t find out.

not shove it up front and hoping that i don’t notice.

correction. you weren’t hoping that i didn’t notice. you just didn’t care. whether or not i noticed it.

that was just you being plain insensitive.

what are you, mentally challenged?

do you not see the kinds of thngs that people OTHER THAN you are going through?

come on la.

lie a little.

save your ass a little.

save my heart a little.

the only saving grace is that you still haven’t got a clue.

oh dear.

if there’s anythng that i hate in this dark, dreary, world, with its difficult, distressing people, it would most probably be somethng like an unacknowledged sinner whose deeds i will not ever wish to disclose to enlighten these living beings.


you reap what you sow.

you will probably reap frm this later.

but really now,

is this what i sow?

in you?


you know, when i was talking about both of our undertakings, i didn’t think that you were my nemesis.


and now suddenly, THIS.


wow. and i thought that last friday was the heart-crusher. but this time this one really takes the cake.

well done, man.




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