what a day. [jst gimme that!]

Published November 4, 2009 by crystalights


i’ve just submitted my new proposal!

[dan dh dpt balik dh pn]. haha.


ade correction kene bwat.


camane laa name supervisor pn bleh t’salah taip.

nsib baik tk kene reject td.



for now the response from my supervisor is surprisingly okay.

i just have to correct a few thngs and submit it to him again.


tpi tu la.

nk bwat correction agak brjela pjgnye.


i think this is a little more difficult than my previous study.

but i think this is how i wanna do it.

because this is how 1 parameter may back up the other.


i need L for the measurable health effects, and i need C for the measurable exposure.

L’s measurable exposure may not be entirely measurable [as a whole], and C’s measurable health effects may not be measurable [as a whole].

so tht’s why i need both.

in order for this to work.

it’s like.. a symbiotic relationship.


and i could really suffer due to the weight of this study.


but then.

it’s not like i have any other choice.

i mean, tgokla my supervisor 2 camane.

dier nk kater ok 2 pn dh ckup brsyukur.

it’s not that easy when dealing with pple who’s already had this predetermined notions of what a “good enough” study would be.

bnyk gile dh tjuk yg pnah dduk dlm my list of previous proposals.. tpi byk jgak la yg tk dpt dduk dlm my list of current proposal.


things happen.

you get rejected. or what you do gets rejected.

and then you just pick yourself up and go.


and owh.

i made a few phonecalls ths morning.

am still tryng to look for an internship attachment.



don’t feel sorry for me.


and yes.

apparently, my phonebill has sky-rocketed to a 3 figure sum.

[must be because of these incessant callings during the previous project and also during the industrial attachment searching].

i am so whipped.

how do i answer to dad to that .



and i have to call someone on friday.


and continue on my proposal correction. like now(?)



hoping for a nice eating time tonight.

with good food.


with the current condition, even looking for a meal is like fighting in a battlefield.


nowadays good food isn’t that easy to come by. not right here right now.


owh yes. sgt mengharapkan lucky draw selase minggu depan.

it’s okay they can take the phone.

i want that hamper. at least a hamper will make my day.

owh dear people.

jst plz gimme that hamper.

and i’ll be a very happy, optimistic, friendly, cheerful girl again.

[hahaha. as if!]


okay la.

i have to stop.

nk ikot org gi psar mlm.


proposal pn blom hbis btulkn lg.




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