pujangga si gadis desa

Published November 6, 2009 by crystalights



when you see my face

hope it gives you hell

hope it gives you hell

when you walk my way

hope it gives you hell

hope it gives you hell

if you find a man

that’s worth a damn

and treats you well

then he’s a fool

you’re just as well

hope it gives you hell


sorry to say this but i never really noticed before that the way you treat your relationships are just exactly the same as the way you treat your work. and your people.

as long as you get what you want – the rest is history.


and to think that i once starved a good meal in the defense of your name.


oh well.

am not expecting you to starve yourself for me.

but still.


it’s such a dissapointment how once upon a time i could be inanely stupid enough to fight for people like you.


you were just so – incredible. it’s unbelievable how you and i turned out to be.

it’s remarkable how you could harness that protective instinct i have in me to be utilized for your gain.

you were really that amazing.


well then.

let’s just hope that you’ll have enough supply of people to use.


because if one day you ran out of people to manipulate,

i don’t think it’ll be a pretty sight to behold.



semoge berjaya.


i know that i may not be able to do big things like you can,

but at least in my deepest heart of hearts i know

that i did it on my own.


at least i could still be able to take pride in what i do

even if it’s not much compared to you


i write my own chapters

i read my own stories

i read stories of others too

but i don’t turn around

and make others write my stories for me.


it is very fortunate that humans aren’t bestowed with super powers.

because then maybe some of us would have broken that ultimate rule of personal gain.


maybe it’s like

powers are meant to be abused.

promises are meant to be broken.

loyalties are meant to be betrayed.

relationships are meant to be terminated.


i will try so that no one gets hurt.


but then again


patience are meant to dissapear.


saye kurang faham.

ape la mksud kata2 awak tu.

ape la contengan picisan yg awak nampak dlm pelan kerja saye ni.

ape la cela pd saye yg awak perlu besarkan utk pameran ni.

ape la yg saye guris dari cebisan hati awak tu utk diperkecilkn mcm ni.

ape la yg saye pnah bwat kt awak selame ni.


ape la yg layak awak terima dari saye ni.


ape la yg awak nk sebenarnye?

supaye ape?

supaye saye memperakui betape hebatnye awak?

supaye semue pn tnduk setuju dgn kehebatan awak?

oh, memang hebat.

bile org yg pnah merintih di celah cuping ini

tentang kisah duka lara selaut semusim,

perlu diangkat mnjadi yg terhebat (?)


kalau awak memang hebat

maka tak perlulah diperakui oleh org tak hebat mcm saye ni

sesungguhnye org yg hebatlah yg lebih bijak mengenal yg hebat.


terime kasih.

bicara hati awak tu buatkan saye berpeluang berpujangga di sini.


tak sangke.

inilah orgnye yg pernah saye bela bermati-mati.


indahnye dunia

bile kebenaran mengetuk jendela.


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