until it’s over

Published November 7, 2009 by crystalights



i wonder if u know

i’m tryng so hard

not to get caught up now


in the middle of studying!

owh and i found my pendrive ysterday.

it was hidden undrneath my lecture notes. yeah. i sorta ransacked the whole room including my wardrobe and my desk drawers. i even dig out my bags and practically scraped on anythng i could get my hands on.

but i.

didn’t even move an inch of those notes on my bed..


so after cleaning up and packing evrythng back into their rightful places, i saved my corrected proposal somewhere else, shut down my computer, and moved those notes on my bed to go to sleep.

and whaddaya know.

it’s right there.


*is relieved*


and what happened ysterday involving that particular someone(?)



when all this is over i just hope that it will be really over.


over, as in:

out of sight, out of mind. out of reach.

out of touch.


i’m jst so cmpletely out of it.


although we do not break old ties just to make new ones, i am not interested in saving the old ties that is just not worth saving.


i’m not that good of a person.

i can’t bring myslf to do such things.


i’m a realist.

and i think this would be the best. for the both of us.

you and i.

and our insane history.


and owh.

my next paper is this sunday!

it’s my Risk Assessment paper.

Risk Assessment materials = [extensive + overlapping + complex] sum of notes.

so yeah.

it is kinda difficult to get through



i am currently looking for an internship a.k.a industrial attchmnt location.

have been applying since the beginning of the semester, but nothing on my plate so far.

some responded and said no, some didn’t even respond at all.

some are still “pending” + “waiting for confirmation” status.


i just wondered what’ll happen within the next 1 or 2 months if i still haven’t got an indstrial attachmnt yet.


it’ll jst be : plain torture.


and maybe a possibility of not graduating [on time]?




and yes.

my final year project.

i wonder how it’ll turn out.


owh dear.

some people just don’t deserve my time.


and well.

sometimes waking up in the morning is such a depressing thing.


i have problem sleeping of course i have problems waking up.

people who can sleep normally are so lucky.

and people who sleeps forever

owh. *am not supposed to say that*


okay then.

i’ll just cntnue on my revisions.



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