moving he♥rts

Published November 12, 2009 by crystalights



you know

when someone tells you their problem

it doesn’t mean that they want you to solve it.

it could just mean that they want you to listen.


you could say things like : owh, maybe she’s __________(insert possible causative factor).

or something like : i think he’s probably __________(insert logical hypothesis).

you don’t have to say : just go and __________(insert possible solution).



it’s that simple.

because once you start trying to give solutions

you sound so pragmatic and business-like

and so so

cold and unfeeling.


i know it sounds twisted, but seriously you sound like : okay let’s get this over with so now do this ___________(insert possible solution).


i’m not asking for anyone to fight my battles for me

i take care of myself

and i think it has always been that way.


i am not a child.

and i look at you as my equal.

shouldn’t you look at me the same way?


sometimes i have my fair share of bad days and yes,

 i do whine and ramble.

but that doesn’t make me less of a person than you are.


when you whine or ramble or get defensive

there’s this instinct that just tells me : okay, back-off.

and so i did.

because that is your needed space.


i get that.

i totally do.


but then if you do tell me i’ll still listen.


because i trust you to know what to do next.


i tell you what to do only when you ask me what to do.


only when i feel like i should tell you.


i don’t tell you what to do all the time because you know what to do.


don’t you think i know what to do, too?

because i do.


and so when i tell you about something, it wasn’t because i didn’t know what to do

it was because that somethng must have left me feeling disturbed enough for me to actually tell you.


and that’s it.


don’t you see it?

that when two people communicate

they talk and listen.


they don’t just work on answers to a problem;

they understand the problem.


sometimes i just needed you to understand.


not equate the whole formula and calculate the answer for me.

i can press my own keys.


and one thing about people

and between people.


i don’t know whether or not i am a warm person

but this coldness that i sense overwhelms me sometimes.


i don’t really get it.

did something happen? to you? in the story of your life?

did you get hurt somewhere along the way?

why are you so frozen? so cold.

what made you this bitter?


because i believe that if we’re truly sensible and sincere then we could move people’s hearts with our hearts.

with all our hearts.


but your heart is unmoved.


are you afraid? of the warmth?

of the possibility of better days? with people who stays?

has the world worn you out and drained you out of your tenderness?


i walk above the earth’s surface and i see

evrywhere i go i see

people weary of the world and wary of it’s hidden darkness.


but haven’t we all still got somethng to believe in

and to hold on to?


and you.

i wonder if you remember your own ray of colours against the setting sun.


because isn’t it easier to count the glittering colours among the darkness,

than count the darkness among the glittering colours.


and you shine the best when you believe in you,

and believe in the people who believed in you. 




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