K-POP K.I.S.S.I.N.G and hearts to Jaebeom ♥

Published November 15, 2009 by crystalights



because i heard that there will be collaborations in the performances

i just hope that nobody kisses noone in this year’s MAMA [formerly known as MKMF].

not until Jay Park comes back, at least.

and even if he does come back, plz no kissing!


i have yet to get over TOP and Hyori’s kiss. i can’t believe they agreed to that in the first place.

okay so it’s only for like a minute.

but that kisser over there is TOP. i mean he’s not supposed to even like the idea of kissing, remember? he’s that kind of  don’t-touch-me cool new-age guy with a great pair of shoulders. [Jay Park has some great shoulders too. it’s always the shoulders, i tell you..]


oops. am i actually fan-girling? here.



well, it’s not that i have anything against hyori [she’s hot and all], but i just feel that kisses aren’t fo’ sho’.

and i think, kisses between two hot people are even more not fo’ sho’.

[ haha. credits to GD’s (fo’ sho’) ].


what i mean to say is that hopefully evryone’s comeback stage is a success. and that the 2009 MAMA wouldn’t be turned into a second version of the 2008 MKMF.

and that there’ll be no hot people kissing each other.


and i hope that if Jaebeom comes back, he won’t be forced into anythng unless he’s really ready and is willing to do so. and i think someone as thoughtful as him deserved people who’ll think of his situation and understand it.




Park Jaebeom fighting!


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