what i don’t need

Published November 20, 2009 by crystalights



what a dreary morning.

it’s so grey, it’s raining.


you know

when things go wrong and that thing involves my thing

shouldn’t i be informed? of such things?


i can hardly believe i’m getting pissed over somethng like this

somethng that i have so meticulously planned [for myslf. for me].

don’t i at least deserve to know

and to be respectively informed?

because this thing here ain’t a plaything

it’s a damn real thing.

it’s business, man.


don’t i at least deserve a proper msg or a phonecall, explaining what happened and the consequences of what happened [like how it’s gonna affect me and my plans?]


i’m surprised that i still haven’t blown someone’s head off.

and what’s even more surprising is when i’m the one trying to get in touch with people and trying to get a grasp of what’s going on when it’s truly someone else’s job to keep me informed [because it’s my plans that have been ruined].


i’m sorry that you’re sorry

but i’m sorry too

i’m so sorry that i can’t help but feel

that you’re not sorry enough

and that no amount of “sorry”s are gonna fix this.



and stop guessing what or who i’m talking about ‘coz there ain’t gonna be any names.



i don’t need this sh**.




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