writing for the sake of writing

Published November 27, 2009 by crystalights



tak perlu dipaksa

tak perlu dicari

kerna ku yakin ada jawabnya



i don’t think i even have time for that.


tgh tgok ulangan konsert 3 diva.


such beautiful songs.



pehal nk ckp psl that 4-lettered word plak.

i don’t know.

somethng about how it’s been floating in the air.




i went through my mini transcript and realize that i have 9 painful credit hours left to fulfill in order for me to graduate.



i managed to calm down a bit, though that is very rare and i still have this uneasy feeling.

although i’m still worrying like a worrywart.


but i will calm down. now.


so let’s talk about somethng else.



misteri hidup akankah menghilang

dan bahagia di akhir cerita


i went blog-hopping [bcause of my sister].


and i have decided that not evryone blogs for the same reason.


and that some people still blog even when they don’t exactly have anythng to blog about.

but that is another story which i don’t wish to comment on because evryone has evry right to blog on their own blog, no matter how unusual their entry is. 


cume terpkir.

klw kerane pengikut yg ramai buatkn diri rase sgt trpanggil menulis, adakah penulisan mengikut pengikut, ataupn pengikut mengikut penulisan?


tk taula.

tpi rse sgt syg klw somethng yg kite suke tpkse ikut somethng yg org suke.

sbb tu kn blog kite.

penulisan kite.

ape yg dtg dlm hati bile kite menulis bukan ke hanye kerane dan hanye utk diri kite sndiri?


that is what i think.

i don’t know about evryone else.


maybe some people feel differently.



moving along to our special occasion~


esok raye haji!

sbnrnye dh msuk dh harinye, dh lepas tgh mlm pn.



selamat menyambut hari raya haji ♣


semoga raya haji kali ini membawa ketenangan hati utk semua.


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