unbelievable : 1st night. 1st day. 1st week.

Published December 14, 2009 by crystalights


i’m at work!

yes i’m updating frm my wrkplace.

i jst read thru a few thngs that i think i’ll be using in my report.

but there’s still a few thngs to go through, so many thngs that i have yet to be informed for me to carry out.


it’s the first day (!) of my industrial attachmnt / practical.

but the person in chrge at my deprtmnt was not around ths morning.

so i’m at another department, for now.

maybe i’ll be sent there by ths aftrnoon.

coming back to an empty house, work is probably a great distraction frm reality, for now.

at my new house / place that i’m staying in, evrybody’s working.

they work on weekdays




and if they don’t work they’re usually somewhere else other than at home.

but they’re usually home at night (i think).

maybe bcause i kinda fall asleep first bfore knowing if the rest are back.

well it’s only been one night, but already that strange creepy lonesome feeling is there.

stupid heart.

stupid feelings.

toughen up lil’ soldier (!)


maybe bcause i’m jst worried bcause i found out ystrday [on my very first day staying at that place] that there has been a break-in before.

in that house.

in my room.

frm the rooftop through the ceiling of my room.


of course i freaked out.

the break-in happened about a mnth ago.

and now evryone in the house goes out carryng their valuables

like every single day.

once again

of course i freaked out.

i mean, considering that the person who spoke to me about it mentioned it so nonchalantly

and whn i was askng thngs like : is that hole frm the rooftop and ceiling covered [aftr the break-in], that prson was like :

even if it’s covered [and sealed], if that thief / intruder wanted to break in, he’ll still break in [and get inside].


and that was said soo damn matter-of-factly like talking about the weather or the next election date.


so if someone smashes your door and take your tv, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a door at all, huh(?) as long as you take your tv out evrytime you leave the house.

because if that prson wanted to break-in through your front door, he will still smash your door and get in.


is that it?

how smart.

does doing that feels better to you?

*is puzzled*

well, you see 

i’ve only jst started working / going through my practical here

i can’t carry evrythng with me whn i go out all the time.

i even have to minimize the thngs that i carry with me bcause in ths field of work you’ll never know what kind of task you’ll end up with.


i put my stuff at a secret stash

but i don’t know if it’s secret enough.

i don’t know if it works

today’s the 1st day tht i’m trying it out.

we’ll have to see if it works.

*is worried*


back to working (!)


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