Published December 24, 2009 by crystalights


i’m sorry that my t-shirts bother you so much.

i didn’t know that it’s that offensive.

i thought that as long as i don’t show off skin, then evryone can work in peace (me included).


maybe it’s because i’m working for a corporation, no screw that, i’m stationed in an office (for now), where evryone seems to be dressed to the nines or at least dressed in smoothly pressed apparels with no lint fibres or fuuzzy fluff particles coming out of their fabrics, therefore i have to adapt to that so that i don’t offend you.

but you see

i didn’t come here to work in the office.

my place is outside.

on site.

i’m only here for now because i need to wait for another 3 signatures on that memorandum before i can actually go out. on site.

and apparently there’s another delay because someone only took it out to be submitted TODAY, when that thing was ready 3 days ago.

this is soo whatever.

when all this is over i don’t even think i would want to continue being here.

not unless that mr.he-who-must-not-be-named is no longer here.

i can’t continue working with someone like him.

it’s torture.

i don’t wanna end up in a place where i cannot learn. anything.

i don’t wanna end up unimproved, undeveloped, under-achieved and un-smart.


no worries

i don’t have any intention to join you (and your corporation).

thank you very much.


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