me myself and i

Published December 24, 2009 by crystalights


i hurt my fingers. even chipped away some skin.

and now they’re all red.


bcause i was trying to open my 5.5L mineral wtr bottle.

and the lid just refused to budge.

i had to pry it open with a knife. and a can cutter.

stupid bottle and its stupid packaging.

i almost yelled for help, but it’s not like there’s anyone around.

so i jst worked my way through it – because i really needed some drinking water.

the one in the kettle’s too hot.

and owh.

why oh why does the cat has to go scratchng on top of the fridge.

it’s so distracting.

and LOUD.

and just ewww.

i don’t really have a problem with cats. it’s jst that i have a problem with cats that aren’t bathed and cleaned [even when they are supposedly someone’s pet]. the cat was scratching itself AGAIN. can’t you at least do the cat a favour and give it a wash?

don’t expect anyone else to do it, you’re the master. it’s your cat. or in this case, catS.

i can’t believe i even told your cat off.

what am i crazy now

talking to a scratching cat.


but there isn’t really anyone left.

just me, myslf and i.

and those cats.


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