are we the same

Published December 30, 2009 by crystalights


pas tu dier ckp : tipu aje laa.

mcmane nk bwat.

nk menipu pn susah.


sgt pnat.

i don’t mean to lie,

but maybe sometimes u don’t deserve the truth.

wlwpn skrg ader rse mcm sparuh mnyesal,

tpi nk bwat mcmane lg eh.

time tu tak smpat nk control. m’mng dh t’lepas.

bcause i can’t think that well when i’m clouded with emotions.

my stupid broken heart


i said what i felt was the truth, maybe not the whole truth but that was actually the truth, you know.

i have to protect my best interest at heart.

i may be heart-reckless and not realize that sometimes i do wear my heart on my sleeve.

i may lack hindsight when there’s too much pressure.


we’re jst ordinary people

we don’t know which way to go


i may not know evrythng tht some other people might already know.

i may not even be capable of a lot of things tht some other people might already be capable of.

‘coz we’re ordinary people

maybe we should take it slow


i’m jst going along with thngs, tryng to seek some things that i could learn.

i’m only tryng to do the little thngs that i have to do jst so that i could get past this and move on.

i don’t think i’m destined for greatness.

i am only walking down this path to discover where it could lead me to.

how does it feel

to be different from me

are we the same ?


but you do thngs better than i can ever do.

you shine all the way through

and the contrasting shades reveal all my imperfections and all your perfections.

i need you to know that

i am not amazing. or good. or perfect.

i am not even close to what you are.

i am just trying

to not run away

from who i am.


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