Published January 18, 2010 by crystalights



i was angry bcause you took it away and dumped it somewhere wthout asking me first.

i was angry because you assumed that i am that way even when you don’t know me and has never really made any attempt to actually know me.

i was angry bcause ysterday was probably the only time that you really looked at me and smiled and speak although your words really do not do justice to that supposedly sincere smile. 

was that why you smiled? so that you could let your words cut me up? so that the fact that you have to look at me wouldn’t be as bad – bcause you could attack me with your words when i’m off-guard?

i was completely surprised by that fact alone, that i couldn’t even come out with a coherent response.

bcause for all the cold shoulders you and the world had to offer, i never expected something other than that constant cold vibe that you give off – i thought that you would just pretend that i don’t exist and let me stay out of your way.

that would probably have been so much better than the talking+speaking you who spat sharp words that cut me raw.


between you and me

we are never gonna be more than that.

one day we’ll be complete strangers just like the first day we met.

and i don’t have any qualms about that – just as long as you stay out of my way.


what have i ever done to you?


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