happenings happening.

Published January 26, 2010 by crystalights



fast forward to what i’ve managed to do for the past 2 days:

  1. called my supervisor for an update
  2. considering the date for the w.t.p. visit.
  3. attempting to contact the d.h.o to set up an appointment (but response is still pending)
  4. attempted to nudge someone to send me a set of formulas that i may need (but response is still pending)
  5. attempted to reconsider the test scales that i will be using for my f.y.p. (which, unfortunately requires more rsearch and more time bcause of the sudden unconfirmed change of plans).
  6. contemplated on how to not break someone’s heart
  7. reviewed last week’s north port warehouse inspection (and is still in the process of re-editing. seems like someone doesn’t wanna lose out and put his name on top of mine in that report. yeah, whatever).


although it’s painfully exhausting, a lot of strangely nice things did happen though. well;

  1. someone offered me a place to stay and that i could get to the office with them
  2. someone brought their meal frm home and offered me breakfast
  3. my dad laughed at my attempt of sounding absent-mindedly unaffected
  4. someone stayed to guard the dogs away while i unlock my front gate
  5. someone wanted to send me far far away alone for a month but couldn’t bcause i can’t drive.


so yeah.

i think that that about sums it all up. for now.


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