the graded cut.

Published February 5, 2010 by crystalights


it’s a pity that the Princess cut which came after the 1960s was subjected to a different cut grading from a different institution than Tolkowsky’s famous Round Brilliant cut from 1919. 

wouldn’t it be nice if GIA could come up with a cut grading for the Princess cut too, like what they did with the Round Brilliant?




at least it would feel like the Princess cut is as valuable as [if not equal to] the Round Brilliant cut.


although much more of the mass is retained in the Princess cut than in the Round Brilliant cut, as an enthusiast i would want to know that other than the mass, there is something else that makes the Princess cut at least as valuable if not equal to the latter.


of course there is the AGA, AGSL and EGL-USA. but they’re not GIA. i think it should be fair to think that the one establishing the cut grading for the Round Brilliant to establish one for the Princess cut so that there is at least a clear stand from an institution which has graded both cuts [hypothetically speaking].



who knows.

maybe somewhere in the near future?


bcause personally i think the Princess cut looks better. but if it isn’t at least nearly as valuable as compared to the Round Brilliant cut, then what looks good through these eyes of mine doesn’t matter, right?




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