strangely happy huh.

Published February 11, 2010 by crystalights



someone’s happy. and being nice.

which is strange because i’m still angry about that thing.

and you coming closer and sitting on my table and giving me that puppy-eyed look while gently talking to me about my next task is seriously NOT helping.


go away.


and suddenly you ask me when i’ll finish my industrial attachment.

no, i’m not gonna say : another two weeks after the holidays!

so i just said : 5th march.

the rest? you figure it out yourself. i don’t care.


owh, and i know that you’re happy because your new memorandum was approved.


our new memorandum was approved.

the one which i initially drafted out and you moulded into yours.


congratulations on the 45000bucks [even though the money’s not yours]

you did succesfully managed to secure a bulky budget for a few unconfirmed items.

i hope you’re finally content enough to leave me alone.


have fun!


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