bluish purple orchids

Published February 17, 2010 by crystalights


my mum’s orchids are blooming and they kinda look like this 

and this




but all the more very purplish

although with rather daintily small petals [so i don’t think it’s a vanda].


and there’s one hibiscus which is rather

very babyishly pink.


and also some crimson red roses

as well as cute little multiple-coloured japanese roses


the thing about gardening that my parents seem to love is the element of surprise.

it’s like you don’t realize that time has indeed passed and that the results of your gentle hand-work is sprouting and blooming back at you. 


but it’s not really my forte though.

unlike my parents, i don’t have greenfingers.

i have fiery warm fingers that kills even cactuses.

and i kinda hate things that crawl.



i wanted to post the original picture from my home lawn but i left my photo-transferring devices..*sigh*
so. photo credits to edgeplot and E-infante for letting me put up images as close to my mum’s original purple orchids as i possibly can.

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