Published March 4, 2010 by crystalights


i live in the present.

i live in the past.

i live on the little things that don’t exactly last.

but that is life, and life doesn’t last.

of that, i’m certain.

so i try to keep moving

in order to know what it wouldn’t be like if i stay.

because staying means living with it.

because staying isn’t half as bad, if you’re not open and vulnerable.

but you’re not unopen and you’re not invulnerable.

no matter how far i would always look back

looking back to help me look forward.

but i can’t say that i’d want to go back.

right now everything seems to be too much to ask for.

and the bittersweetness of it all 

has never been less bitter.

in the aftertaste

what i want is sweetness without bitterness.

without having to wonder if i’ll be fine that way.

without staring through the gaps and wondering if it’d be different.

without thinking tomorrow at this time

would these gaps disappear

or would they not.

would they leave you feeling less empty?

or would you leave them feeling unfulfilled?

is it just another double-edged sword

or is it just your heart spinning out of sorts?


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