mirror mirror on the wall

Published March 7, 2010 by crystalights


i didn’t know earlier that i would be sleeping alone in this empty house yesterday night with all the lights on.


silly me

and then morning came and i don’t know why evryone seems to be awake so darn early on a sunday morning like this.

the phone was buzzing and my sleep was chopped into bits AGAIN

so i got up and CLEANED MY ROOM (wow!) with the exception of the wardrobe, and i’m going to go get ready in about an hour’s time.

actually, i always need about an hour and a half to get ready. even if it’s just for work. or class. or whatever.

and that is strange because i don’t even really wear make up.

but i always take that long. (even when i usually have my outfits ironed out the night before).

maybe it’s the 25 minutes in the bathroom+toilet.

and the 10 minutes dressing up

and the 5 minutes packing up

and the lots and lots of minutes in front of the mirror.

View Image

i’ve always wanted one of these (!)

but the one that i spend lots and lots of time with are just the ones on the wall


i wanna watch george clooney’s “up in the air”.

i wonder if it’s really good (like what some people say).

because george is always playing one of those big-shot characters like a doctor, or a business-ish man, or a professional million-dolar swindler/stealer/robber, or a high-ranking military personnel and ALL THAT JAZZ.

i wanna see mushy george in denial over a possible mushy relationship (yummy!)

hopefully there’re tickets for that today *is hoping*


photo creds to naquiba

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