kitchen work

Published March 13, 2010 by crystalights


i don’t know if this is a skin condition or something

but my skin tend to scar very easily.

like insect bites or burnt marks frm kitchen work

it’s usually that obvious and stays rather long.


so today i was in my aunty’s kitchen, frying tofu

and then pop~

my fingers + hot oil = red.

i still have the scar frm last year’s fish-frying incident, though.


i don’t really like working in the kitchen with people like my aunt.

because she seemed like someone who knows evrything about cooking.

i always pretend like i don’t know much about cooking to save my ass frm the confrontational cooking debate. haha.


kuning2 jari2 ngn kuku ku.

kupas kunyit hidup (dier tak nak kunyit serbuk).


she takes her cooking very seriously.


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