how to take a phonecall in the early morning (and sounding like you’re wide awake)

Published March 15, 2010 by crystalights


i don’t always stay up late, but nowadays i kinda do.

so, sometimes when it’s early in the morning and i’m not quite wide awake, people call me and i had to wake up and answer the phone *rolls eyes*


i could jst leave it like that but then i couldn’t really stand the ringing

and also because morning calls are usually one of those “important” ones.


i think i kinda figured it out.

how to answer a phonecall in the morning when you’re not quite awake yet but you don’t want the other person to know that (you’re not quite awake yet).

  1. first you try and sit up from your bed, jst get your shoulders and neck up right.
  2. take a deep breath as you flip your phone open or as you press the answer button.
  3. no matter what you need to say, keep your answers a wide-mouthed one. meaning, say things that require your lips to open wide like “aaah”. it tends to hide your husky morning voice effectively. so, instead of saying “hello” you say “hey” like it’s a “hay” and instead of saying “yes” you say “ahaa”, “okay”, and so on.
  4. try to make your voice go a little bit higher. not whiny, jst a little higher tone because lower voice tone tends to reveal your sleepy and unawake condition.
  5. pay attention to what is said (no matter how sleepy you are !). spacing out in the middle of a conversation will only show that you’re still not very much awake.
  6. keep the conversation short. make it cheerfully good and then say “okay then, i’ll get back to you soon” or anything that you could possibly attempt to say (in a positive way) to get someone to end the conversation.
  7. remember when you say “bye”, say it like it’s “buy” with your mouth wide open. don’t slack off just bcause it’s the end of a conversation by saying “bye” in your dreamy sleepy voice.


i think that was it.

the 7 steps of answering morning calls. haha.

i’m writing this post on my bed in my bedroom at home (!)

yes, finally i got home yesterday.

and yes i was woken up by a phonecall (so early in the morning) trying to sound like i’m wide awake (it’s one of those “important” ones).


my dad tells me to use this netbook (that i’m writing with) which recently arrived (a few weeks ago).

i find the idea very appealing, but it’s a bit of a hassle because i have all the important papers and project work and report materials stored inside my current old-ish laptop.

although my current old-ish laptop is kind of an embarassment to the word “technology”, i think i’m still going to use it until graduation.


i have a hideous age-old, heavy-weighing, dilapidated laptop. with cracks and scratches on the side. haha.

i’ve had it since somewhere around 3 and a half years ago.

and it has everything i need in there for the past few years.

i kinda bring it with me everywhere, even when i was doing my industrial attachment.

even when we’re just travelling for a short few days.

so yeah.

it’s one of those “personal items” thing.


so even when people go “ugly eyes” on my ugly old laptop, i just brush it off and move on.

because it’s normal for people to be that way, it isn’t so surprising.

it’s just that some are willing to pretend like they’re not like that and spare people the condescending stare, while some don’t even bother to pretend.

either way is fine with me.

it’s only a piece of technology, right.



2 comments on “how to take a phonecall in the early morning (and sounding like you’re wide awake)

  • i am very familiar with this problem and am surprised that you didn’t mention what i always do first: i talk to myself before i even answer to test how i sound. enjoyed both your postings.

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