busy bee

Published March 27, 2010 by crystalights


ysterday was the 3rd project day.

so far i managed to carry out the tests for 52 respondents.

and questionnaires for 54 respondents.

i guess i’m finished with the tests and quite a majority of the questionnaires

but i have 14 more extra questionnaires for me to get respondents for.

(my supervisor wants more than the usual)

i’ll probably continue that next week.


what i need to do now is make a phonecall the latest on tuesday.

and gather what remaining sanity i have left.

toughen up little soldier!


i’m really tired, i need to get some sleep.

but it’s only midday (and things have been very hectic).

  • getting up in the morning
  • prepared breakfast (and tea)
  • clean up the kitchen
  • prepare ingredients for lunch (fish! and veggies)
  • water the trees and plants (i don’t undrstand why there’s so many of them)
  • cook lunch
  • did the laundry BY HAND (only colours go in the washer, the whites has to be hand-washed).
  • i managed to hang the whites to dry when suddenly a few people came by
  • and then now i have to hang the colours to dry.

i’m in the middle of checking my project documentation.. the laundry should just wait.


oh it’s almost 2p.m.

i need to go through a few things bfore tomorrow comes. (she wants me to stay throughout her taekwando test tomorrow).

i don’t want to have to be there when i could be somewhere else doing something else other than sit and watch a few kids get bashed or tumbled over.

i need to work on my report and project documentation.

i told her i have work to do

but she insists i be there.

and it’s like a whole 2 and a half hours (!)

why is it so hard to make people understand?


and i really cannot stand it when people who wants to have a garden tells someone else who:

  1. has nothing to do with the garden
  2. is not paid to tend to a garden

do the necessary garden work.

i don’t plant a tree or keep a garden full of plants because I don’t have the patience, commitment and sensibility to actually take care of them.

SO, if YOU are JUST LIKE ME, then what is even the meaning of keeping a collection of trees and plants (when other people has to care for them even when it’s not their job)?

at my own home, i don’t even water the plants in my parent’s mini garden. (and they never tell me to).

they take care of their own garden/trees/plants.

they only tell me which plant is which, and where they found it.

SO if YOU are NOT LIKE MY PARENTS and you are JUST LIKE ME then by all means, don’t keep a garden!


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