the handy-girl

Published March 30, 2010 by crystalights


i don’t have the answers to everything.

sometimes i get tired. of being the one people fall back on.

i’m on my own now. isn’t everyone in this position the same as me ?

we all don’t have the answers to everything

and in that sense, we’re all the same.

so don’t make me give what little i have left for myself.

i said this before :

i can’t take care of people.

i have my hands full just taking care of myself.

mentally, emotionally, physically.

i shouldn’t be the one that anyone looks for to deliver whatever they are in need of.

i can answer. but i can’t stay and be the solution. to everything.

so just

give me a break.

from this full-time job as your handy-girl.


and that is why i feel okay being on my own.

because i’m tired of being this handy-girl. for everything.


i decide what i want for myself.

so why don’t you (?)

decide what you want for yourself by your own self.



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