Published April 9, 2010 by crystalights



it’s not that i’m changing.

no la.

aku okay je.

tapi kadang2 aku rase aku duduk berckp ngn ko mcm mengganggu perjalanan hdup ko je.

lg baik aku blah.

aku tak nk la ko rase terpakse plak.

aku takde saham pun dalam peratusan mase yg ko ader dlm sehari.

aku bukannye ade hak ape2.

klau ko tak nk ckp ngn aku pn takpe.

lg baik jgn biar aku jdi penghalang rutin harian ko.


takde masalah pun.

klau ko tak nk bersuare pn takpe.

teruskanlah perjalanan hidup ko.

i wish you all the best.

semoge semuanye berjalan lancar.

i am no longer needed in the place where i used to be, therefore this is completely understandable and acceptable.

thank you for your time.

off on your way now.

thanks for everything.


and thank you for helping me be sure of what i’ve always known for so long.

that between human beings,

there is no togetherness.

it’s all a sad farce that human beings create and actually believe in

because it makes them feel like there’s something there even when there isn’t.

there wasn’t.

there has never been anything worthwhile there.

and like the rest of them i almost believed.

almost thought that there’s something there for me

but everybody knows,

almost doesn’t count.




good luck.



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