Published April 10, 2010 by crystalights


my industrial attachment presentation is on monday.


today is saturday.

a couple of days to go.

i don’t feel quite right.

the adrenalin rush is building up slowly.

and the next thing i know, it could end up like my previous presentations : hyperventilating! like mad!

if i were a singer, i’d probably ruin my own concert.

and sound like rod stewart singing hip hop.

because when i breathe too quickly my voice tone goes UP and DOWN like crazy.

and then it comes out sounding like a vibrato through the sound system.


sometimes i hate my own heart beating.

so erratic and unstable.

so easily SURPRISED.

so easily touched and moved.

so open and unarmed.

and so stupid.


my heart is so easy to manhandle.

so easy to manipulate.

so easy to pluck and chuck

and damage.


what an easy piece of meat.



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