someone like you

Published April 12, 2010 by crystalights


i’m upset.


i’m tired and everything hurts.


i don’t care i’m going to sleep like my sanity depends on it.


i’ve given what i have to give like my whole life depends on it


so i’ll do whatever i want to do whenever i want to.


i’m not here to fulfil anybody’s expectation but myself.

i don’t have to feel like this whenever you decide to drop a few words.


i’ll be fine.

i MUST be better than fine.


you’re not the one to define my life.

and i’m not the one whose life needs to be defined by someone like you.


i’ll be the good girl and step back nicely

i don’t have to answer something that you’ll insist on triumphing only to let it escalate into an unworthy word war


because i’m done with debates and argumentative speaking

it’s just not worth the time and energy

and i don’t feel that i have the luxury for such things at a time like this.


but of course

people like you wouldn’t understand


you were born to win


all the time.



winning is your way of life



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