so what if you’re saying it like i’m so dumb.

Published April 13, 2010 by crystalights


i know what i need to do.

i was only asking because i wanted to confirm it.

i don’t need people who are not only not answering my questions, they are just making a free show out of my confusion to the whole world.

and i also don’t need people to tell me something that i already know but sounding like it’s the one damn thing that i don’t know about.

i don’t need to feel stupid just because some people think they’re so smart.

i don’t need to feel any more hurt than the hurt that i’ve been feeling for the past 23 years of my existence.

if people always end up leaving, then don’t come any closer.

don’t fake it like you’re any different from all the rest. if you don’t give a damn don’t pretend to care.

i hate people who suddenly burst in into my life and expecting me to listen.

when i had my share of an extremely long day i don’t need people like you around.

i can fix my own wounds. i can carry my own weight.

i can do whatever i need to do without people like you.

as long as i can get away for a while i’ll be just fine.

sometimes i feel like breaking apart

when i’ve almost reached my limits but i still have to hold back and listen and pay attention and respond and take good care of people’s feelings and hiding my own

i’m tired and exhausted

i’ve given what is needed of me why can’t i just go?

i’ve been by everybody’s side for so long

why can’t i just have my time to crash and burn for just a while?

i’m frustrated and upset

and you can’t do anything about it.

so just give me a break.

you’re not me.

you can’t live my life for me, not the way i want it to.

no one can.

so just stop the whole fiasco and just don’t be here as if you’ve always been there.

i can’t feel nice about you

because there’s nothing left to feel when you’re drained like this.



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