Published April 19, 2010 by crystalights


i’m in the middle of calculating/scoring my project samples/materials.

and i was almost halfway through watching the first episode of sunao ni narenakute.

yup, it’s JJ’s japanese acting debut.

considering it’s not technically his 1st acting venture (heaven’s postman marks the 1st non dbsk film), and if i’m not mistaken heaven’s postman involved some partly japanese workteam too, so i wasn’t really surprised to see him on film. again.

japan loves him.

i was surprised though, to not see yoochun on any (non-dbsk) film or drama any sooner than his current SKK Scandal project.

yoochun is totally drama material.

he has that characteristic appeal that pulls people in and make them stay.

(i think it’s the sad eyes).



JJ has always been so adorable and caring and nurturing.

but then they created this very innocent naive submissive character in the drama and put him in that role.

i think kitagawa created that character thinking of him, but it went a bit further than what i’ve always known JJ to be.

and if it is true that the role was written with him in mind, then it’s a bit unbelievable how he pulled it off like that.

because personally i think, JJ isn’t someone who would do everything and slave his ass off for some random people. he is someone who does everything and devotes his time especially for the PEOPLE HE CARES ABOUT.

it isn’t him simply being an angel to every random person, it is him being his own thoughtful selfless self to the people he holds dear, the ones closest to his heart.

he loves and cares for people in that way.

and that’s what makes him JJ.

i cringed at the feet massage part. but i understand it’s part of the story and his character.

maybe he wouldn’t mind doing it if it’s for the people important to him. like family. or the members (?)

but then in that character that doctor with the black socks on was probably just a client or something. JJ’s character shouldn’t even be massaging his feet. (i wailed at that part).

but anyway.

he did pull it off as a naive, clean-cut, hardworking, earnest, (but eager-looking and enthusiastic) korean with an innocent non-frizzy hairstyle living in japan who tweets and sells medical equipments and has a good heart.

although when he smiles i thought i saw that slightest hint of the infamous Joongie’s evil smirk (haha).

he runs around like a very cute salesman.

and i wished that he doesn’t have to carry that black briefcase around (it makes him look un-doctor-ish although he really isn’t one. why hadn’t the rest of the other characters figured that out by now? in-house doctors doesn’t need to carry briefcases).


i wasn’t really drawn to the twitter plot.

but then, it’s only the first half of the first episode, who knows the whole thing might turn out a little more different than in the beginning.

and so we wait (patiently). for now.


i think his “rising sun” hair would suit his character better. layered jet black with asymmetrical fringes.


just the right kind for a dedicated salesperson.



why do i feel like the photographer role is more suitable for him?

carrying cameras and film rolls while wearing casual shirts and pants and talking like the guy next door or bickering like a normal sounding lad.

..that sounds more like him.



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