it’s a girl’s thing.

Published April 21, 2010 by crystalights


i’m still SPAZZing (S.P.S.S-ing).

didn’t even go for lunch today.


i noticed that my posts are getting longer.

who’d wanna read that?



bak kater ‘tutt’ : “ader aku kisah?”


yes. yes.

memang tak kisah.


at least i’m writing them down.

if i say them out loud then i don’t know if there’s anybody there that can digest it.


sometimes even when i have problems with numbers

words weigh me down the most.


sometimes words make me feel too much all at the same time.

like a PMS-ing girl.

why do you think PMS is a woman’s thing?

can a man handle all that emo-ness all in one two three four five six seven days?

everything hurts. everything feels wrong.

everything is dark and dreary and so so dissapointing you feel so damn discontented.

and some people still complain that women get away with things just because it’s “that time of the month”.

i mean seriously.

would you like to be:

  1. on the verge of tears over every little tiny weeny thing,
  2. feel all riled up over every little tiny weeny thing,
  3. and don’t even feel like doing anything even a little tiny bit exertive,

for every instance of “that time of the month?”

i know that some women don’t really go through the dark episodes other than the occasional cramps, but some other do.

and it isn’t that pretty. or easy.

so yeah.

of course those are our darker, bitchier days (i guess).


i feel so sorry though (for people who have to put up with that).


and i’m not PMS-ing (!)

(at least not now).


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