Published April 22, 2010 by crystalights



and i fell for it.

i thought you were trying to reappear after your episodic disappearance but


why do you think i totally pwned your special friend and still feel like the last unspecial being on earth?

well. some people really have that ability to increase your self worthlessness.


grow up dawg~

if you want to feel special you don’t have to have a special across-the-continent friend to tell you special things.

you just take your effin pc/notebook and plug in the net and voila~  you have all the latest special-est things at the tips of your fingers (this is why i like net-surfing on the road).


no one has to hold the part time job of keeping you informed so that you’ll feel special, because you can be your own perfectly special self without such special friend(s).

ha ha.

i am soo annoyed i’m becoming annoying too.

how could i actually believed that this time it’d be different?

i mean, coming from someone who’s been m.i.a-ing for quite a while, this has got to be the biggest, lamest, play of word exchange i’ve ever had from someone soo predictable.

i mean seriously.

i’m not in love with my country.

but i do give a damn about my country and it’s people.

and of course. all the other countries which i managed to actually give a damn about – yeah, that too.

even though there’s so much that i’m dissatisfied with in this homeland of mine, it’s still my homeland and i won’t put my home behind my girlish dreams of ever after.

i don’t think it’ll make me feel special if i can find a normal country bumpkin (like me) and spew my unlatest update that i got from my (imported) special friend about the things that my (imported) special friend supposedly knows first because said country is the origin of said update.

major LOL!

does that mean that if Man U scored a goal tonight i will only know about it tomorrow night because i don’t live in (Greater) Manchester?



and my point in question would be : where have you been (for the last century or so) ?

oh my god.

i am soo bitchy tonight.

maybe the dissapointment sucked all logical rationale from my hardwired brain or something.

maybe i was expecting some greatness from you.

ha ha.

what a joke.

i was actually expecting you to at least have some grace about it.

you know, at least just for the sake of keeping up appearances.

i thought you were going for that.

i mean, i kinda hoped for your genuine good intentions but wait a minute : who am i kidding?

is there even such a thing left on earth between people?

human beings can be so typically predictable, it’s inevitable.

ah well.

it’s okay.

i forgive you for falling within the normal distribution of the curve.

i just need to stop hoping for such (miraculously GOOD) things. especially not from people (like you).

so long then.



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