Published April 24, 2010 by crystalights


i don’t wanna come up with reasons/justification/explanation/discussions right now because i still cannot accept the outcome of this analysis.


i will not.


i will try my best to work my way around it because i will not admit defeat.


because i can’t let it go.


so, yes.

everything else has to wait until i feel like it’s good enough.

i don’t care about anything else.


so i’ll just sleep on it tonight and start again tomorrow.


another day, another battle.

i’ll probably butt heads over it with my co on monday (i don’t know if she’ll agree on the new selection).

but because it’s the weekends i can’t really talk about it with her now.

so i’ll just proceed with it first. and then i’ll try and ask her if she’s okay with it on monday.


but it is difficult.

and i don’t know if i can hold on.

i haven’t felt this way for a very long time.

not even during those major exams in the past.

it’s like dissapointment fading into fear and everything escapes your grasp

(but you try so hard to not let it go)


toughen up lil soldier!


just dust yourself off and try again


what other kinds of non-parametric test (using SPSS) that i can run for an analysis of lead concentration (the independent variable) and its health effects (the dependent variable).

non-parametric tests other than the

  1. spearman’s rank order
  2. chi square
  3. mann-whitney
  4. kruskal-wallis
  5. friedman
  6. wilcoxon signed-rank

i need answers (because i’ve tried everything else in the book, but they don’t look good enough for my project writing).


i’m so unsatisfied.






i was browsing the student portal and look what i found:

  Attention to all Students !!

Need your Feedback!
We are currently running a survey and we would very much appreciate if you could complete our site survey so that we may gain from your experiences and ensure that Student portal meet your specific needs.<!–All complete truthful answer will be entered into a Lucky Draw. The lucky winners will receive 2GB USB Flash Drive. The results are posted on the student portal. Please click here to complete the short survey and don’t forget to submit your student no, name, contact number together with your active e-mail addresses.–>Note: Student Portal Survey will temporarily close from 5:30pm on 23 April 2010 due to server maintenance exercise. The online-survey application will start open back on 26 April 2010. Please check back soon, apologise for the inconvenience.

follow us

Follow us on twitter to get an update.



so that you may gain from our experiences, lemme just say:

  1. congratulations on the umpteenth (thousand?) times of your life-long server maintenance activitieS. (the last time this happened, the whole course registration thing was majorly disrupted AND interrupted. well done!)
  2. to meet our specific needs, let’s start with some grammatical restructuring.  “the online-survey application will start open back” (LOL!) and offers “5GB USB to be grabs” (LOL!) .let us be reminded how you take in foreign students (and foreign cash) and announced the classy attributes of your varsity (compared to the rest) ON AND ON and all over again. way to rake in profits! good job!
  3. follow you on twitter (major LOL!) is a beautiful dream indeed.


come on.

you can do better than that.

considering the amount that you get to take in so luxuriously (let’s not forget the “subsidies”!), 

sentence-checking is tiny.


you’re not that worthless.


you can make every SINGLE penny of payment WORTH IT!




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