reality tv

Published April 24, 2010 by crystalights


firstly i wondered, what on earth made you eligible for project alpha?




is that blog what you call reality-tv worthy material?

the whole CAPS LOCK on ALL entries plus your questionable pictures and messy political statements mixed in with celebrity rumours as well as your diva-esque announcements about your supposedly glamorous schedule. 

its unbelievable almost to the point of being unreal.

and i have yet to see any sort of popularity appeal in there to (at least) qualify you for something like project alpha. 


it is strange. how any dick tom or harry can land themselves in reality tv like people would actually watch it.


it is strange. how reality tv becomes unreal.


mcm mane la org tak pandang serong kat artis malaysia.

hands down – no defense.

what on earth could ever justify something like that?


i wonder.



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