the perfect sky

Published April 30, 2010 by crystalights


you’re a little late

i’m already torn

i’m okay.

even as tears stain my pillow

i tell myself that i’m okay.


you always fuss over things like this

but don’t you know

that it’s hard for me to say no


i can’t do it the way it’s always been done

i’m not like that perfect sky


but i want to be.


or at least good enough for you.


and yet even when these tears fall it remains unseen.


because i want to be perfect that way.


at least through your eyes.


that’s why i call myself a liar

because with you and everybody else, the truth doesn’t matter anymore.


it doesn’t matter what i feel

it doesn’t matter what i see. or don’t get to see.


i’ve always been torn apart

like this

in so many ways


i’m wide awake

and i can see

the perfect sky is torn



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