random. rempit-ness.

Published May 12, 2010 by crystalights


how to be a minah rempit:

  1. rambut panjang lepas. at least paras bahu. (“corn-rows” utk xtra ranggi).
  2. bright colours dari atas ke bawah.
  3. baju low cut, skirt high cut (sing-cut), skinny jeans, off-the-shoulder tops.
  4. cermin mate besar.
  5. make-up jgn tak make-up!
  6. pandai play hard to get wlaupun anda easy.
  7. biatch! lontaran suara yg power + catfighting skills.
  8. ader skill utk melekat atas seat wlau mcmane pelesit pun speed motor tu.
  9. jln mcm street thug pkai heels.
  10. attention-whore.


so there.

are you all set to go?


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