ranting. and its the end so whatever~

Published May 14, 2010 by crystalights



komen dari co-supervisor lg byk drpd supervisor.

siap ader “dear xxxxx,” lg kt dlm.

but it was nice that she commented. at least i feel like she pays attention to the project.

 tak mcm s’stengah org tu.




dh pandai cerita ngn org aku ni mengugut.


so kire bad-ass jugak la aku ni eh? *bajet hardcore*

and now i sound like the bad gal in a clichéd story.



klau sume nak kene gune kelembutan kewanitaan kemanjaan baru dpt hasil then susah la.

baik aku tak pyh amek course ni.

dah memang aku hati keras kepale batu.

aku tak suke bile aku bermati-matian for nothing.

yes, you can think that i’m a difficult person.

that didn’t stop me from doing what i have to do.


klau tak kerane kedegilan aku

agak2 bleh ke aku tahan duduk mcm ni?


in case you haven’t noticed,

life was never a bed of roses.

and you’ve always been the thorns.



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