(your) happy ending

Published May 14, 2010 by crystalights


when i was 16 i have this friend who had a boyfriend who sorta lied to his parents about going studying when he was actually going for a movie. with my friend.

my friend realized it. and she was (sorta) furious.

not because he lied to his parents. but because he kinda dressed up like he was going for a study (the bags, the pants, the whole “studying” look). just so that his parents wouldn’t find out.

she was all clad up with her cute red top and her expensive jeans (it was just a movie. i know. but still, she’s 16 and dating. what do you expect?)

so she complained to me. (haha. i’ve been in this role even when i was just 16).

and she even mentioned to me about him not paying for the movie (omg!) AND the pop corn (double omg!)


i for once was kinda baffled. by the whole thing.

i mean, frm the first instance i saw him i didn’t think that he’d be her type.

but then they did hook up and dated each other. so i thought that well.. maybe her type’s changed. or maybe she just likes to be with someone different than her usual type of guy.

and then (eureka!)

i realized something.

this guy wasn’t exactly her type.

however, he bears a resemblance to “her type of guy”.

he has that physical appearance similar to a guy that she was having a crush on.

a classic case of “you remind me”.



this brings us to the question: if you can’t get the best, would you settle for second best?

would you play for all or nothing at all, or would you rather win a little than lose a lot?

would you be willing to compromise your demands to live up to the current existing conditions?


all or nothing?


a little and a lot?


and owh.

they broke up not long after that.

(she said she wanted to write to him a “reversed” version of avril lavigne’s “my happy ending”). which sounds like this:

i was everything, everything that you wanted

we were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it

all of the memories so close to you just fade away

all this time i was pretending

so much for your happy ending



being young and 16 was fun(ny).



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