the modern (not-so fairy)tale

Published May 16, 2010 by crystalights


so i’m at home (finished the corrections. yay!)

sitting on this old pudgy maroon couch we’ve had since i was in school

watching “giuliana and bill”.

and i think

i might have a crush on bill rancic (hahaha).


he’s smart and down to earth

and superstitious

(very traditional but upbeat)

financially wise and moderate




macam watak dlm novel, kan?


i guess i’m looking for a “i knew right then and there you were the one” mcm dlm lagu “brown eyes” tu.
because i like feeling like it was me who KNEW (macam psychic gitu)


wouldn’t having someone like bill would make you wanna do better and be better so that you’d feel like you’re on equal grounds with him?

that could be a good mental & emotional challenge.

very refreshing.


when we’re with someone who’s very reliable wouldn’t it be great for us to not rely on that certain someone?

you know, just for the sake of feeling like you’re not completely the princess in distress even though he’s always been the knight in shining armour.

you can be like joan of arc or mulan.


and he can be the king’s second son.

the one who still has to work his ass off because he isn’t exactly the next in line for the king’s throne (which would definitely go to the first son).

you know. the whole “striving for something because you’re not there yet”.

if you end up with him you won’t be the queen and he won’t be the king

life wouldn’t be that exquisite for you but you’ll be just fine.


hardworking people are the most attractive, don’t you think?



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