memories of a carousel

Published May 17, 2010 by crystalights


so when will this end it goes on and on

over and over and over again

keep spinning around i know that it won’t stop

’till i step down from this

sick cycle carousel

this is a sick cycle yeah

sick cycle carousel

i went to genting for these shots.

(but that was a long time ago)


because i can’t find other huge carousels or merry-go-rounds that could fulfil my childhood fantasy.

my childhood was filled with

homework and endless spellings

enid blyton on the shelves

an ancient lego set

puzzles with missing pieces that i can’t seem to complete

and worn-out dolls that don’t belong to me


my childhood wasn’t that colourful

but it was allright.

it wasn’t that amazing and i wasn’t that amazing

but it lives in my memory

it’s a part of me


i never got past the rubrics cube

so i took out the coloured squares and paste them back

right where i wanted them to be.

no need to twist it to get the right alignment

the right colours on the right side

i decide

how it should be.


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