Published May 27, 2010 by crystalights



up until now i still have no idea who won american idol and i honestly don’t care.

they’re good singers and all but i really don’t feel the “finale material” vibe.

in fact, i was surprised that both crystal and lee made the cut.

they’re singing what they’re good at but more singers can sing that good in what they’re good at too, AND more.

i don’t feel the idol aura.

it’s like i could just go there and meet anyone on the streets who could sing like they did and not give off any different feeling than the feel that they both give off. 

there is no magic.

and it seems like maybe voters these days are mostly into choosing the more ordinary ones and then feel like ordinary people like the rest of the population can be an idol too.

you know.

the truth in reality tv: wouldn’t we like to believe that someone like us can have a shot at greatness too?

taylor hicks won american idol.

yeah. and kris allen.

and then another.



what does that say about reality tv now?



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